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Anesthesia will be provided by a combination of board certified physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) highly qualified in all aspects of outpatient anesthesia. Your anesthesiologist will evaluate you before surgery and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to talk to your anesthesiologist about any medications, including over the counter medications, you are taking. 

Anesthesia at Surgicare of Mobile is provided by two private practice Anesthesiologists and their pool of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesists.

The physicians included in this group are:  

  • Dr. Philip Hanlon
  • Dr. Teresa Walker


  • Ellen Bowman
  • Jacqueline Brackett
  • Fred Brackett
  • Zack Chapman
  • James Crowder
  • Misty Downey
  • Jack Fowler
  • Gayle Fredere
  • Erin Gunnison
  • Margaret Ishee
  • Lirma Lim
  • Robert Morgan
  • James Royals
  • Joann Wills

The type of anesthesia provided will be determined by your surgeon in consultation with the anesthesiologist.

Types of Anesthesia:

  • General anesthesia keeps the patient asleep throughout the entire procedure.

  • Regional anesthesia numbs the general area of the body on which the surgery will be performed. This also includes spinal or epidural anesthesia, which numbs the lower part of the body.

  • Monitored anesthesia is a combination of intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. Although you are generally awake, your condition will be monitored by a nurse anesthetist or registered nurse who may also administer additional intravenous medications, as needed, during your surgery.

  • Local anesthesia is administered by injection at the actual location where the surgery will be performed.